Since the introduction of Lambda in Nov 2014 by AWS, a lot of articles, blogs, and other information is available on the internet. Following is the list of 10 lambda articles everyone must read to know insights of lambda.

1. Managing AWS Lambda Function Concurrency

Explains about lambda concurrency in details and how to control it.

2. The Occasional Chaos of AWS Lambda Runtime Performance

Explains the lambda performance around different memory size of lambda. Memory size has a huge impact on performance and price, so choose wisely

3.Comparing AWS Lambda performance of Node.js, Python, Java, C# and Go

Measures lambda execution time for different languages.

4. Sharing Secrets with AWS Lambda Using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

This post is about how to access and manage application configuration in Lambda

5. From Containers to AWS Lambda

Explains a use case for moving from Container to AWS Lambda

6. Scripting Languages for AWS Lambda: Running PHP, Ruby, and Go

If you want to run a scripting language not supported by Lambda, read this post.

7. The Danger in the Details — Scalable Cloudwatch Metrics for AWS Lambda

Want to analyze lambda cloud watch logs in details, read this blog and use the NewRelic plugin

8. How long does AWS Lambda keep your idle functions around before a cold start?

Try to explain how much time your lambda function remain hot

9. How does language, memory and package size affect cold starts of AWS Lambda?

Want to reduce code start time. Read this excellent analysis of cold start time based on different parameters and use it to your advantage.

10. Do’s and Don’ts of AWS Lambda

A list of practical do’s and don’ts while using lambda.